About Judge Sadler

I am Judge Lisa Sadler. I have had the honor of serving Franklin County as a judge since 1992. I have been elected to the Franklin County Municipal Court, the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas and the Tenth District Court of Appeals. I have served as an appellate judge on the Tenth District Court of Appeals since 2003 and am running for re-election.

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Judge Sadler's Journey

I thoroughly enjoy serving Franklin County as an appellate judge. I strive to ensure every person who comes before me is treated with fairness and respect, and that each case is fairly and impartially decided. I believe my background, leadership skills, experiences both as a lawyer and as a judge, as well as my service in the community, uniquely qualify me to continue to serve as an appellate judge.

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A Note from Judge Sadler

As the campaign progresses, I look forward to not only sharing my campaign experiences and endorsements with you on this website, but also hope to meet you on the campaign trail. Thank you for your interest in my candidacy and thank you for allowing me to serve you as judge.